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Smile for, laugh with, and love unconditionally.
Void of criticisms, excuses, and endless lies,
Where inner beauty is as robust as the outer
It’s time to find that niche.

Take care of, have fun with, and protect unequivocally.
Sans the tears, the heartache, and countless fights,
Where the spoken words are as meaningful as the actions
It’s time to find out which.

Devote to, help out with, and listen attentively.
Minus the yelling, backstabbing, and numerous battles,
Where faith is as strong as fears
It’s time to soothe the itch.

Why Is It Always in Vain?

When you try so hard to do what’s right,
why is it always in vain?
                  When you work tirelessly to ensure a fruitful outcome,
                  why is it just the same?
                                    When you’re certain that you have a situation under control,
                                    why is there something else to blame?
                                                      why can’t we grasp life’s rein?
                                                                        why can we never gain?
                                                                                          why is it always in vain?

Definition of You

BEGUILING is your nature
through your ERRONEOUS ways.
An ASTUTE response to save yourself
from the TREACHEROUS depiction you’ve painted.
You ROGUISHLY cry that you’re never at fault.
Instead, you INSIDIOUSLY play the innocent role.
So ZANY and clueless,
you’ll never know that this is the definition of you.

You’re LOSING at your own game of doing what’s right.
You have no idea how you’ve OPPRESSED yourself by turning around.
You PERVERSELY entwine yourself in a web of lies,
by ERRATICALLY following the misguided and blind.
You ZEALOUSLY agree with whoever is around you,
instead of using your mind to figure things through.
Have you discovered, yet, that this was written for you?

Impair My Perceptions

Can’t, yet you always do.
How many times have you done something you were forbidden to?
You’re always up for whatever is presented to you.
But, as is expected, something happens where, in your mind,
breaking your promise is justified.
And, as always, you would like to classify the situation as rectified.
I hate that you think it’s okay to impair my perceptions,
because I’ll always be here to forgive your deceptions.


Your colors change like the skin of a chameleon.
Your facade is altered every inch by slow inch you crawl.
Assimilating to the likes of those around you, but never true to who you really are.
A new visage for every situation you’re placed in as if you’re in a masquerade party.
Your countenance- a grin from ear to ear.
Truly, it is big and bold, but possesses as much sincerity as the mask that shields you.
When you’re behind closed doors, your true colors are revealed.
Nobody to please. No colors to vary. No veils to hide behind.
It is how you act when nobody is around that determines who you really are.
A chameleon can change into as many colors as it deems necessary,
but it can never change the fact that it is now, has always been, and will always be a chameleon.