About You

Everything was always about you.
Inconsiderate and self-indulgent without a clue.
How is it possible for someone to be so mindless?
Selfish, cruel, absent, and careless?
I thought the day will never come where I’d be able to say “Goodbye.”
But, finally, it came and I did.
For once, it’s about me.
For the very first time, I’m thinking about my well-being, not yours.
How was it that everyone else could see it, but you?
I’d be remiss to say that you were the only blind one.
I, too, turned a blind eye to your repugnant disposition.
Not anymore, though.
Never again.
You reeled me in like a fish on a hook.
Much like a fish without water, I was helpless.
I’ve rendered to you full control.
Manipulation was your game.
You played with people’s hearts and minds like a chess piece on a board.
So crafty were your lies that you had everyone begging for more.
To those who knew you, and who were well informed of all that you did,
you were known as a black hole. A selfish black hole of a creature that did nothing but take.
You will no longer take a thing from me.
Not my livelihood, not my happiness, not my smile, and not my pride.
You are the past and, as of today, I see no place for you in my future.
Who a person loves is beyond their control, but I can only hope that one day this love, much like the tendency of your presence and loyalty has done with me, fades just as quickly.

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