Soul Keeper

A devil in human clothing,
deceitfully cunning and ever loathing.
Always on the hunt for the next unsuspecting victim,
incapable of following any moral dictum.
They befriend and entrust in all of your covenants,
unconditional love and care that should leave lasting imprints,
in your mind and your heart as a memory and feeling,
instead it is forgotten and their soul is what you’re stealing.
A soul keeper is what you are,
who scopes out your next victim from afar,
as you bottle their spirit in a jar;
and feed on their very being without hesitation,
lighting your face with a pleasurable sensation,
as bright as the flames of hell that keep you,
with the insatiable desire for more souls to accrue.
You collect when they are down,
and smile instead of frown;
You feast on their strife,
as their soul gives you life.

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