Thoughts and feelings tragically change over time.
Hearts converged despite being thrown through land mines.
Lines have been drawn, but constantly crossed
and it’s hard to accept that everything has been in vain.
I know it was my choice so don’t say it.
You forced me into the decision, so don’t try to remind me.
Life is unfair and there’s no doubt that I’m angry.
It’s not right how I’ve constantly been forgotten- who I was and what I meant to you,
meant nothing.
Preconceived notions about not knowing and all of your uncertainties.
Constantly wondering, but never asking.
I’m angry at you for being untrue.
Pay attention to those who have stuck by you.
Live and learn, grow and prosper.
Remember, the boy who cried “wolf” was devoured by the lie he made true.

Text as image to form image. Via Adobe Photoshop
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5 thoughts on “Wolf”

  1. I like a lot of the images on your blog posts. You know what would be dope? If the words were separated denoting each part of the image. like, the words outlined the different areas of color… I don’t know if Im explaining this properly, but I think that would be really nice! Anyway, nice job.

  2. First of all, I LOVE the band-aids on the heart. I like that image a lot. That isn’t what I mean though. Close, but not exactly. The letters that are at the edge of, say the band-aid, belongs to the same word that is in the red area. What i mean is, if all the words were separate. Let me see if I can find an example…

    lol i couldn’t find anything right away, but this is basically what I mean


    The image of the person and the background are separate, made out of separate things, but still one image. Now, the text in the image doesn’t have to be a separate set of words as the one in the image of the person, but they are delineated. So, the words actually form the image, instead of the color, but the color helps delineate it even further.

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