You’re Not Alone

Whenever you feel that your spirits have fallen,
I’ll lift them up and I’ll be your backbone.
In the end it wasn’t what we’ve hoped,
but we can’t deny how much love has grown.

Whenever you feel that you’re all alone,
know that I’m standing right by your side.
In the end I’ll always be there for support,
regardless of where we both reside.

Whenever you feel too proud to stumble,
remember that I’ve stumbled a thousand times.
In the end there’s no room in our frenzied lives for pride,
as we can’t deny that we’re replicas of the same kind.

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4 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone”

  1. This is so you – you are a very loyal and supportive person – not something you find in everyone. Thanks for being you, Rody!

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