They say when the bad outweighs the good,
then walk away from it all.
But, I couldn’t turn my back on you,
despite what you put me through.
Now, the fatigue has overtaken me.

It’s only human to want the best for those you love,
and it’s only human to try your best to never hurt those people,
so I kept trying to maintain your presence in my life.
But, the fatigue has overtaken me.

People tell me I’m blind to your mistakes,
but the truth is, I was never blind to them at all.
I was just in denial.
But, I can no longer lie to myself,
because the fatigue has overtaken me.

When have you ever fought for me,
the way I’ve fought for you?
I no longer have the strength to fight these battles alone.
The fatigue has overtaken me.

It hurts me to say that, “I no longer care,”
but there’s a point when it must be said.
You’ve grown too comfortably with me,
and arrogantly enclosed yourself in your security blanket,
no matter how loud I have screamed.
But, today you’ll learn that your security blanket,
can no longer offer you the safety you sought,
because the fatigue has overtaken me.

And though I’d much rather greet you with a “Hello” than a “Goodbye,”
the fatigue has overtaken me.

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