Passport Chaos

So, today was a day where I was in the mood to be productive.  I’m going to London the last week in March and needed to make a passport.  My cousin Annan has wanted to make a passport for the past year, but kept deferring it, so I asked if she wanted to accompany me so we can finally get it done.

I picked her up at around 1:40 PM and from her house, we went to Jewel-Osco/TCF to 1.) withdraw the money needed for passport fees and 2.) to get our passport picture taken.  The picture process was a comical experience.  The woman (although very nice) was completely technologically illiterate.  She didn’t know how to work the digital camera, and once she finally got it working, she messed up Annan’s picture… Haha, Annan had to retake the photo.  Finally, after an hour has elapsed, we got our pictures.

From there, we went to Worth’s Village Hall.  Of course, we got there at 2:30 PM and it closed at 2:00 PM.  Just our luck.  We got back into the car only to get stuck in the miniscule amount of ice that was on the ground.  Thankfully, driving and reversing back and forth has allowed us to free ourselves from the predicament we got into.

Annan knew of a post office that processed passport applications so we decided to drive over there. Alas, it was CLOSED.  Who closes at noon? If you’re going to open, at least open for more than 4 hours! What’s the point of opening for anything less??? Most people are still sleeping at noon!  Meanwhile, it’s 4:00 PM and a sign on their door directs us to another post office on 105th & Ridgeland indicating that they are open until 5 PM.  So, we drove over there HOPING that they process passport applications (because the sign didn’t indicate what services this particular post office offers).  Once we arrived, we saw this elderly couple who were at the previous post office we’ve visited.  Apparently, they wanted to process their passport applications, also.  Thank God, this post office happened to offer the passport service.  I got mine done and so did Annan.  Annan didn’t have her original birth certificate so we were excited that the woman accepted it.

Unfortunately, we rejoiced too soon.  Annan got a call from the woman at the post office saying she can’t submit the material until she receives the original birth certificate.  LAME!

Now, Beatriz, Annan, & I are off to Portillo’s and to Crestwood to eat and watch a movie.  Au revoir.

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2 thoughts on “Passport Chaos”

  1. Man i commented on this before but since it didnt let me I dont remember what I said. Ha ha. I still dont have my full application submitted because of that! UGH!

    Actually, I think most people wake up well before noon. LOL. Especially those that run errands. We are just not morning people!!! lol.

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