Trying to forget only makes me remember,
everything that happened since last September.
I look down at a magazine whose words read,
“One pill to erase your worst memories. Want to try it?”
And I can’t help but answer, “How much to buy it?”
It’s fallacious to think a person can just forgive and forget.
Forgive? Yes. Forget? Not as easy.
I apologize for all of this redundancy,
but the problem with trying to forget isn’t hard to see.
This is what happens, and though I’m sad to say,
it’s always this way:
When you convince yourself to forget because “it’s all in the past,”
the little voice inside your head begins to cause a commotion,
leaving you anxious and feeling like you’ve been spun around- motion
sickness, vomit inducing are the questions that flutter in your mind,
whose answers are never too kind.
Tell me the truth, I beg you, that’s all I ever wanted.
Because of your lies, I feel so incredibly haunted.

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