Close My Eyes

I close my eyes and remember all that you had put me through;
A year recaptured through the evolution of you.
You explained that everything you had done was due to depression;
and nobody’s questioning the validity of that excuse.
Nor is anybody downplaying the severity of being so recluse.
What I ask is that you be cognizant that your depression caused mine.
I ask that you refrain from calling me selfish for trying to make you realize that I wasn’t fine.
Still, as I open my eyes, I smile knowing that you’ve evolved to someone better;
Someone that I’d always known was there.
Regardless of all the naysayers and unbelievers;
Regardless of how they desperately tried to keep me away.
I believed in you from the first day I met you;
and no matter what happens, I’ll always believe in you.

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