Perfect Potion

I’m wishing on a star in the night’s overcast sky,
hopelessly holding on to a hope that is no longer there.
Dedication, devotion, loyalty, love, respect, care, and kindness-
Most would say, ingredients needed to brew the perfect potion.
But what significance is there in a commonly shared opinion if such an opinion is not shared by you?

I’m letting go of the hope that I held on to for so long.
No more wishing on stars that are barely visible, if ever they were,
or baring witness to rivers that flow amidst a drought on the hottest and sunniest of days.
No more mirages to sway me away.
No more denying or hoping, begging or pleading.
No more day dreaming or reminiscing.
No more questioning why the majority would say that I brewed the perfect potion.
No more wondering why – just accepting.
My perfect potion just wasn’t perfect for you.

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