Let Go

It’s hard when you are reminded of the things that broke you down.
Your heart begins to race as your vision begins to form a translucent shield in which you can only see what you wished to forget.
You go back to a time when you were miserable–a dark place in your life where you were up all night with an inability to sleep or think clearly.
A time where attempts to deny the obvious swayed you to suppress the most choleric of feelings leading to a deep depression that nobody knew existed except for you.
Walking around with a smile when deep inside you were dealing with the most unbearable wound.
Keeping composure because life goes on despite the misery that has taken over your soul.
When you are reminded of these unpleasant moments you react.
You react because inherent in us all are feelings that cannot be turned on and off with a switch.
However, it’s important to remember that the past is only a reminder of what once was and that it is no longer.
There is never a need to rehash a painful memory as there is no good that can ever come of it.
If you’re happy, embrace it.
Forget about the pain that bounds you to the past.

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