Up all night unable to sleep,
my mind kept playing tricks on me.
The darkness in my room that engulfed my whole being
served as the perfect canvas to paint imperfect portraits-
portraits of the past that haunt me today,
of what you’ve done,
of how much you didn’t care.
The fan that otherwise provided me with a cool breeze
served as the voice to a silent story.
I heard everything-
sounds I wish to never hear
as my heartbeat increased tenfold
at the thought of not knowing where you are right now,
or, what you may or may not be doing.
Is the past repeating itself?
I must have fallen asleep as I’ve awaken to sunshine
and the faint sound of chirping birds-
a day I’d normally embrace but cannot enjoy because of my mind-
a mind that bombards me with the most negative thoughts
and prevents me from enjoying the enjoyable.
Convinced that something is not right, I make the situation worse
by confronting a thought that was conjured up by my mind
because of the past that I’ve already put behind me.

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Thoughts and feelings tragically change over time.
Hearts converged despite being thrown through land mines.
Lines have been drawn, but constantly crossed
and it’s hard to accept that everything has been in vain.
I know it was my choice so don’t say it.
You forced me into the decision, so don’t try to remind me.
Life is unfair and there’s no doubt that I’m angry.
It’s not right how I’ve constantly been forgotten- who I was and what I meant to you,
meant nothing.
Preconceived notions about not knowing and all of your uncertainties.
Constantly wondering, but never asking.
I’m angry at you for being untrue.
Pay attention to those who have stuck by you.
Live and learn, grow and prosper.
Remember, the boy who cried “wolf” was devoured by the lie he made true.

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You’re Not Alone

Whenever you feel that your spirits have fallen,
I’ll lift them up and I’ll be your backbone.
In the end it wasn’t what we’ve hoped,
but we can’t deny how much love has grown.

Whenever you feel that you’re all alone,
know that I’m standing right by your side.
In the end I’ll always be there for support,
regardless of where we both reside.

Whenever you feel too proud to stumble,
remember that I’ve stumbled a thousand times.
In the end there’s no room in our frenzied lives for pride,
as we can’t deny that we’re replicas of the same kind.

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