Hearts Grow Cold

Today, hearts grow cold as people become bolder.
They say and do the most hurtful things,
yet feel like everything will be okay.
“Everything will be the same,” they say,
“Our relationship won’t be affected by the change.”
But, relationships are affected by the change.
A person can only be walked all over for so long
before they begin to feel pain.
Don’t justify your audacious behavior.
Accept that your heart has lost the ability to feel,
the ability to mend, instead of hurt,
the ability to love, instead of hate.
Accept that your surroundings have tainted you.
Accept that things will never be the same.

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Does the kindness in my heart annoy you so much that you try to make it stop beating?

My heart stopped beating the way it once beat.


Does the sparkle in my eyes bring misery to your life that you try to make them start tearing?

My eyes started tearing in a way they never teared.


Does the brightness of my smile enrage you enough that you pray it starts frowning?

My smile stopped gleaming the way it once gleamed.

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Gift Wrapped Box

It hasn’t been that long,
yet I’m still trying to be fine without you.

How can I act like you were never there?
It wasn’t anything I ever asked for,
but now I’m suffering in your absence.
I can’t hate you,
even though you delivered to me a gift wrapped box full of many reasons to.

In this gift wrapped box, you were so kind to give me many things,
including, but not limited to, the following:

lies upon lies,
and hostility.

When you love someone, though, you are blind of all their imperfections,
and believe me,
you had a million and one things that you were very capable of changing,
but refused, and instead, decided to continue on in your own oblivion.

Yet, I’m still missing you and your gift wrapped box
full of all the kind things you showered me with.

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