Give Me A Smile

Wearing a smile when I’m not happy.
Saying it’s fine when it’s not.
Give me a smile that makes me happy.
I want to say it’s fine, but it’s not.
Laying in bed and not wanting to get up.
Knowing today will be like all the others.
Holding on to hopes of things getting better.
Living in pain and saying I’m happy.
Being understanding all the time.
Saying don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
Give me a smile that makes me happy.


Promise after promise, broken.
How can I trust you when actions speak louder than words?
Day after day, I’m shattered.
How can I have faith in you when your loyalty is not towards me?
Moment after moment, you’re distant.
How can I believe we’re possible if it’s impossible to meet?
Argument after argument, effortless efforts.
How do I hold on to efforts that have not been made?
Promise after promise, broken.