Until Next Time…

Just wanted to let everyone know that, despite the fact this blog is fairly new, I won’t be writing much again until around the end of March.  The reason being is that for my Screenwriting class, we are required to write a daily journal entry.  To prevent myself from recycling journals and placing them on here from my written material, I thought it’d be better to stop and just resume my writing once this class comes to an end.

But, until then, with the turn of the new year came a huge turn in my life.  So many things have been occurring that just put me in such a melancholic mood where my spirits were dejected.  School commenced the 5th of January and ’till this day, I’m just not into it.  When I know there are thousands of people from my homeland being slaughtered, I cannot rest easily.  My mind is constantly bombarded by thoughts and images of the Gaza massacres and this, in itself, is enough to put me in such a sullen mood.

As if that wasn’t enough, everything that I was so certain about in life that not only affects me in present day, but affects my future as well, have been coming undone and going asunder. 

I was foolish to hold true the lies that I was made to believe.  BUT, what I do know for sure is that I’m so unbelievably thankful to God for letting me see the truth before I was stuck in a rut.  I felt like I’ve come so far, and this is probably why I was still holding on to something that no longer has made me happy.  Of course, you will always find something that makes you happy in any given situation, but if I separated all the positives and negatives, ultimately, the negatives overshadowed the positives.  When you are so familiar with a certain path, however, going a different path feels awkward at first, but I’m already starting to get accustomed to this new route. 

I’m liking it and I finally feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder. No more ridiculous limitations, no more physical and emotional restraints on my life, no more walking on eggshells, no more having to deal with pettiness, and, of course, no more being unhappy.  It’s almost similar to the feeling I’ve felt after literally getting away from the negativity that surrounded me for 18 years by moving to where I live today.

Everything happens for a reason and God surely knows that in which we do not.  If something doesn’t work out the way we’ve anticipated, then it just was not meant to be.  No need to wallow in sorrow.  Life is too short to let anyone or anything get in the way of your felicity.

United We Stand

Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day for me. I, along with thousands of others, marched from Tribune plaza to the Israeli consulate to not only protest against the siege on Gaza, but more significantly, to protest for the basic, yet fundamental human rights that Palestinians are deprived of.

I have never in my life protested something with as much passion as I have yesterday. By the end of the day, as I sincerely and genuinely shouted many demands such as “Free, Free Palestine!” and “End the Siege on Ghaza, NOW,” my voice was sore. However, this discomfort in my throat can never amount to the amount of pain and angst Palestinians are succumbing to at present day nor will it ever be comparable to what they’ve succumbed to for over 60 years.

I am so proud of each and every person that came out to fight for these rights. People from every religion, race, class, gender and age have blessed us with their presence and I am so grateful to all.

Lastly, knowing that 30+ organizations in Chicago took part of this cause makes me so proud to be a Chicago native. This, alone, makes me know as fact that the foolish 15 or so counter protesters that plagued our rally are in a minority group all to themselves and they do not represent the view of the Chicago majority. I’ve always loved the diversity of Chicago and will remember this day forever. I’m proud to be a Palestinian-Chicagoan. Always have, always will.

Please watch the video below to get a small glimpse into this amazing rally:


So today is the first of 2009.  Originally, a bunch of us have intended to go ice skating at Millennium Park which, of course, fell through.  Because these plans didn’t work out, my sister and I decided that we’d just go to dinner at Olive Garden. I had a good time, despite the 35-45 minute wait (don’t recall how long we’ve waited, but it was between that amount of time). 

I ordered the Stuffed Chicken Marsala.  It was really tasty, and I got pretty stuffed (pun intended) after I finished it.  My sister ordered this steak/pasta combination that looked pretty appetizing, as well.  The waitress was good, too; She knew not to bother us every 3 seconds like some annoying servers tend to do and she also knew when to replace our drinks.  This seems like a pretty obvious thing to do as a waitress, but you’ll be surprised how many times I had to wait a long time before ever seeing my server after we’ve received our orders.

How come your server is usually either overly “helpful” or not helpful at all? It’s so strange, but thankfully tonight was not one of those nights.