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Michael Jackson’s Untimely Departure

I was shocked to hear about the sudden death of Michael Jackson.  Over the years he has come to influence and inspire so many of today’s talent.  He was definitely an amazing performer, innovator, and trendsetter.  I was never a huge fan of his, but I have always felt that he was a legend whose talent broke down boundaries.  He also seemed like a very genuine person and my heart always went out to him during the ridiculous, disgusting, horrible and, most importantly, untrue accusations that plagued his career.

Michael Jackson has said time and time again that he loves children in a NON-SEXUAL way, and saying it once is all he should have had to do.  It’s a shame that the media tried to paint him in a picture that wasn’t who he truly was.  It’s a shame that he had to live with a fractured heart- yes, fractured.  He tried to do something as pure and innocent as opening his home to kids because he loved them, and parents of these children took advantage of his efforts and decided to spread false allegations as an attempt to milk the cash cow.  Of course, these accusations were painful, and that pain is something he should have never had to deal with.

My heart truly goes out to him and his family during this difficult time.  I’ve never realized how much pain he had to endure, but watching various specials on ABC & MTV, and seeing how he had to go through that period of accusations, I’m just now realizing the extent of his pain.  His words of “I’m human too” and  “I have a heart”  and “It’s not nice” keep circulating in my mind as sadness engulfs me.  It’s a shame that he had to go through all of that, but at least he no longer has to deal with that garbage.  

Michael’s death wasn’t just a shock to me, but it came as a complete shock to everybody.  He just got a physical not too long ago in preparation for his sold out tour in England and he was healthy.  This just proves that tomorrow is not promised to anybody.  Hopefully those who accused, ridiculed, harassed, and hurt him will take this into account.  May it serve as a lesson and an eye opener to not only them, but to us all.  Perhaps now people will realize the severity of their errs and repent.

Michael Jackson- rest in peace and may God have mercy on us all.

Sick on a Sunny Day

Today seems to be one of the first (if not THE first) day in June where it’s not raining.  It’s beautiful and sunny, but alas, I cannot enjoy it because I am sick.  This nonsense always happens.  That is, I always get sick at the worst possible times.  One of the worst times I’ve gotten sick was during my HS graduation.  What was even worse about that situtation was that I was to give a speech to the Class of 2005.  Thank God I didn’t fall off the stage.

I’m just hoping for a speedy recovery because I’ve been sleeping practically all day.  Thankfully my amazing mom has squeezed a deliciously fresh glass of orange juice to help me on my road to recovery.  Also, she gave me a big bowl of ice cream to help soothe my sore throat. YUM!

Anyway, I’m hungry.  I only ate a little at around 12:00 PM because nothing is appetizing when you are ill.  I guess I’ll go eat a bowl of chicken soup.

But before I do that, let me express the fact that I’m pretty excited to be going to the Lupe concert this coming Friday.  Thanks, Annan, for telling me about it.

Alright, time for SOUP!

Words are Weapons

In the past, I’ve said some things I wish I hadn’t and have done some things I wish I didn’t. When I am angry, I express this anger through words. Sometimes these words are extremely harsh and hurtful. They have the ability to not only shock, but dice and slice you emotionally where, eventually, you will drown in the despair caused by these weapons.

The problem is that I react quickly. When I feel like I’m being attacked, I attack back, but I attack tenfold- in a manner where I know it’ll reach the core. I have said some things to people that I love (and have loved) that I always end up regretting, almost instantaneously. At the end of every day, I reminisce about all the occurrences that have transpired that day. If it happens to be “one of those days” where I know I used my words to bring someone down, I’m near the brink of tears.

I’m writing this entry not only as a means to cleanse my soul, but as an apology. I apologize to anybody I may have hurt over the years, not only through words, but also through actions. I know the list is lengthy, and I have many names in mind, but for the sake of your confidentiality, I won’t list them.

I also apologize to anybody that may have taken offense to anything I may have done inadvertently. I know my words and actions are often misconstrued even when I mean positive, but regardless, I apologize anyway.

I don’t want people feeling they need to watch what they say or do around me. I don’t want people thinking I dislike them. I don’t want people having a preconceived notion that I’m a mean person. I just want people to be able to get to know me and draw their own conclusions based on their personal interactions with me.

I know personally that it’s hard to overcome the pain that is rendered when you are hurt emotionally. When you are cut with a knife, one eventually heals, but the scar remains, always reminding you of what once was. The same is true with words. Because I can’t turn back time and take the pain away, please let us start new. To everyone I hurt, my penitence is sincere. I will try my hardest to stop this vicious cycle.

Please accept my deepest apology.

Until Next Time…

Just wanted to let everyone know that, despite the fact this blog is fairly new, I won’t be writing much again until around the end of March.  The reason being is that for my Screenwriting class, we are required to write a daily journal entry.  To prevent myself from recycling journals and placing them on here from my written material, I thought it’d be better to stop and just resume my writing once this class comes to an end.

But, until then, with the turn of the new year came a huge turn in my life.  So many things have been occurring that just put me in such a melancholic mood where my spirits were dejected.  School commenced the 5th of January and ’till this day, I’m just not into it.  When I know there are thousands of people from my homeland being slaughtered, I cannot rest easily.  My mind is constantly bombarded by thoughts and images of the Gaza massacres and this, in itself, is enough to put me in such a sullen mood.

As if that wasn’t enough, everything that I was so certain about in life that not only affects me in present day, but affects my future as well, have been coming undone and going asunder. 

I was foolish to hold true the lies that I was made to believe.  BUT, what I do know for sure is that I’m so unbelievably thankful to God for letting me see the truth before I was stuck in a rut.  I felt like I’ve come so far, and this is probably why I was still holding on to something that no longer has made me happy.  Of course, you will always find something that makes you happy in any given situation, but if I separated all the positives and negatives, ultimately, the negatives overshadowed the positives.  When you are so familiar with a certain path, however, going a different path feels awkward at first, but I’m already starting to get accustomed to this new route. 

I’m liking it and I finally feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder. No more ridiculous limitations, no more physical and emotional restraints on my life, no more walking on eggshells, no more having to deal with pettiness, and, of course, no more being unhappy.  It’s almost similar to the feeling I’ve felt after literally getting away from the negativity that surrounded me for 18 years by moving to where I live today.

Everything happens for a reason and God surely knows that in which we do not.  If something doesn’t work out the way we’ve anticipated, then it just was not meant to be.  No need to wallow in sorrow.  Life is too short to let anyone or anything get in the way of your felicity.


Today I’ve been bitten in more ways than one.  Literally speaking, I have some type of insect bite above my collarbone.  It may not even be a bite.  Perhaps it’s an allergic reaction to something and it’s a hive rather than a bite.  Are mosquitoes still flourishing in December?  I know technically they don’t “bite,” and instead suck your blood, but it looks like a mosquito “bite” and itches like one, too.

Speaking of which, I’ve also been bitten figuratively.  Vampires, like mosquitoes, suck the blood out of you when they bite you.  When dogs bite you, they leave a bruise.  In any case, a bite generally hurts you in some way.  When you know there are people who are for the destruction of human life, it will hurt.  It’s even worse when these people are comprised of friends or acquaintances, no matter how hard they try to justify their reasoning.  It doesn’t hurt in a sense that they have opposing beliefs, but it hurts knowing that there are people who don’t really care for human life.  In other words, if the human life is not their life, then they basically feel the murders of hundreds of people is fine.

Sadly, the only way some people would ever feel for others is by being placed into that environment and that situation, which will never happen.  We are so lucky to be in the USA where we have inalienable rights that (presumably) cannot be taken away.  However, there are many Americans who don’t necessarily care for the plight of others because they are conditioned to believe that life as it is in the US exists everywhere, which definitely isn’t the case.

We, in the USA, don’t have to worry about the possibility of having a place to live one minute and being homeless the next, nor do we have to worry about having life one minute and the possibility of death the next.  As I’m writing this entry, the people in Gaza have to worry about all of these possibilities.  A perfect example of this is that of the 11 year old girl and her 4 year old sister who went to throw out the trash and never came back.  They were murdered by Israeli missiles as they went to do their household chore.  Life is way too precious to be wasted.  THIS is a worldwide view, so why is it permissible for Palestinian life to be treated as garbage?  They were only children.  There isn’t a child in the world that deserves to be treated so inhumanely.