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Where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those people that once were an integral part of your life? I often wonder about them–all the way back from Kindergarten up until present day–I always stop and think about them.  Where have they gone, what are they up to now, how have they changed, how have they remained the same?

Sometimes, though, it’s best to not know what has happened to them.  You might be disappointed to discover that they are no longer the people that you once thought were cool.

I haven’t spoken to a lot of my close friends from high school.  Maybe I should give them a call to see how things are.  That’s what sucks about graduating HS… everyone goes to different colleges and, more often than not, you end up losing contact with them.  However, you also stop and wonder, if they really wanted to keep in touch, they could have.  My number hasn’t changed, nor has my e-mail address.  But, then again, they could easily say the same thing about me.  Why haven’t I called them?  Why haven’t I e-mailed them?

Hmmm…I think it’s time for a HS friend reunion.  We all graduated from college now, so I’m curious to see what everyone’s up to.

12:28 PM

I’m currently at work and the phone has been ringing off the hook.  Also, I’ve had walk-in after walk-in.  I feel like, for a Tuesday (and a Tuesday in the summer), these occurrences are very uncharacteristic.  Not sure what’s going on, but we don’t have any deadlines approaching since the summer deadline for transfer & non-degree was 06/15 and the fall deadline for transfer & non-degree students isn’t until 08/01.

With that said, I can’t believe it’s only a little past 12 PM.  Usually the busier you are, the faster time flies by.  I guess I’ve finally proven that theory wrong, since I’ve only been here for around 3.5 hours and it seems like 8.

Well, that’s all. I thought I’d take a moment to document this crazy day. Oh, Speak of the devil!  The phone is ringing.  Gotta take the call and yield another satisfied customer…err..I mean, prospect :)

Real World

I am officially a college alumnus and with this title comes a great feeling.  I’ve worked very hard and it’s paid off. Graduating as magna cum laude was a great feat for me despite the fact that the ‘magna’ was forgotten in the commencement program. :( (I know, I know…. It’s only been 2 days since my graduation and I mentioned this mistake over a trillion times, but I can’t get over it! How can someone make such a mistake?!?!?!)

On another note, with graduation comes another feeling–a feeling of uncertainty.  What happens next? I’m starting grad school this fall, but at the end of the summer, if I don’t get another job, I will be jobless.  THIS IS THE SCARY PART.  I don’t like the possibility of not having a job.  I’ve had a job since my freshman year of high school, and ever since, I can’t fathom living without one. The recession we are in is not helping the situation, either.  I see everyone in my surroundings getting turned down for jobs that a person would usually never get turned down for.  Man, this economy is horrible.  I can barely stand to write about it.

But, one must always stay positive. It’s time that I actually give this theory a try.

Tomorrow is…. GRADUATION DAY!

Despite having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to Allstate Arena by 7:00 AM tomorrow, I am so happy and thankful to God for allowing me to finish in a timely manner. I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today and am grateful to all the amazing people who have graced me with their presence over the years.

Unfortunately, all of my CDM friends graduated last year since I took all of my major classes with the Class of 2008, but it doesn’t matter anyway since the arena is mammoth and you don’t have the ability to interact with friends for more than a couple of minutes before the ceremony.

To the couple of communication majors that I know that I’ll be graduating with- CONGRATULATIONS and I hope to see you tomorrow!

Congratulations CLASS OF 2009!

It’s been a while

It has been a long time since my last blog entry, but I’m definitely going to start writing more frequently. (I know, I said this before, but I mean it this time).

Today was officially my last class as an undergrad. I turned in my final Art paper and, afterwards, my friends and I headed to what is known to be my absolute favorite restaurant of all time- The Cheesecake Factory. I have been there (what seems to be) over 100 times in my lifetime and, for the most part, have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite dish is the Chicken Piccata (w/no capers) and my favorite cheesecake is the Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheesecake. When I’m hungry and not in the mood to try anything new, I know that my hunger will always be satisfied by these two treats.

After lunch, we went to see “The Hangover.” I wasn’t much of a fan. The commercials pretty much showed the funniest parts of the movie. It was lacking in humor and I found myself antsy and waiting for it to end. It was the same, cliche story line about a fun day gone wrong (not remembering what happened the day before and partaking in actions that you wouldn’t normally partake in when sober). It consisted of a trio of that weird in-law, the immature, “cool” guy (or what the media has constructed to be cool), and the smart one who doesn’t really fit the criteria of the other friends in the group. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely isn’t the type of movie I’d see again.

It is currently 12 in the morning and I’m not tired at all. I had an exhausting week and it all caught up to me today. After coming home from the movies, I fell asleep at around 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 30 minutes ago. I guess now I’ll just take a shower and watch TV.

I’ll leave you with a trailer of “The Hangover.” I’ll let you be the judge.


Today is December 29th, which means only 7 more days until my winter quarter at DePaul begins.  I feel as though this 6 week winter break has flew by so quickly.  But, with that said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Seeing how time seems to fly by, before I know it, it will be June and I’ll be walking across that stage, God willing!

Meanwhile, I’m really excited about the trip I’ll be taking to London towards the end of March.  I’m just hoping the weather won’t consist of rainy, chilly days.  I can deal with 50°, but it’s going to be my spring break and I don’t necessarily want to deal with any temperature below that.   Regardless, I can’t wait.  It’s going to be so cool.  Perhaps I’ll even come back with a British accent, haha.  Stay tuned to find out…