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Writing New Media Project: Retrogress

Every one of my artistic compositions, no matter how big or small, have always embodied some sort of theme.  With this in mind, I immediately looked for a motif when creating this project.  After playing around with the video clips, I came across one particular pattern where I placed them in reverse chronological order.  From here, my idea has evolved. 

After placing them in this order, I wanted the most appropriate background music.  I went into Audacity and started playing with the audio files.  I found one that I liked a lot.  I stopped at this point and went back to my video composition to see how I’d work it in.  From here, I decided I wanted to speed up the pace of my video footage.  I also added a shatter effect to transition from clip to clip for aesthetic purposes.  After doing that, I went back to Audacity and sped up my audio file so that it could remain consistent with the footage.

I noticed there was one part of the song in particular that I liked a lot.  I then cut this down, imported it into Windows Movie Maker, and repeated it throughout the video.  I’ve added a fade in to the first audio file and a fade out to the last audio file.  The last decision I made was the title.  Because the actions in this short short are being carried out in reverse chronological order, I decided that the perfect title for my theme would be “Retrogress” and so it was named.

Click the following link to view/download the video >>> Retrogress.