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State of Mind

It took years to develop this state of mind,
but these years were never too kind.
Gone is the idea of forever connected,
as all channels of communication have been disconnected.
Permanent is the marker that I chose to use,
when writing the decision for you to lose.

Beside Myself

I was beside myself when those words were spoken,
my soul trembled and my heart broken.

You think you know a person until it transpires,
your world turns to ash like forests in fires.

Actions so searing it’s hard to accept,
things that were said were secrets you kept.

I’m sorry to disappoint when you look at me,
I am who I am and that’s all I’ll ever be.

Miles Away

Miles away,
Goodbye, today.
This time it’s forever,
Pursuant of grand endeavors.
Bigger and better things,
Won’t stop till you’re king.
Behind those palace walls,
there’ll be no other souls.

Miles away,
Goodbye, today.
Tomorrow is never,
Our ties, you chose to sever.
Better songs to sing,
you put on those wings;
To reach endless goals,
Alone you’ll face those pitfalls.


There is one person in your life whose allegiance to you could not be any stronger.
When your world comes crumbling down, you know who it is you can run to, and who you have run to.
You run to your back burner when it is most convenient for you.
You will regret your perfidy in your darkest hour,
because turning your back has lead to the turning of tables.

About You

Everything was always about you.
Inconsiderate and self-indulgent without a clue.
How is it possible for someone to be so mindless?
Selfish, cruel, absent, and careless?
I thought the day will never come where I’d be able to say “Goodbye.”
But, finally, it came and I did.
For once, it’s about me.
For the very first time, I’m thinking about my well-being, not yours.
How was it that everyone else could see it, but you?
I’d be remiss to say that you were the only blind one.
I, too, turned a blind eye to your repugnant disposition.
Not anymore, though.
Never again.
You reeled me in like a fish on a hook.
Much like a fish without water, I was helpless.
I’ve rendered to you full control.
Manipulation was your game.
You played with people’s hearts and minds like a chess piece on a board.
So crafty were your lies that you had everyone begging for more.
To those who knew you, and who were well informed of all that you did,
you were known as a black hole. A selfish black hole of a creature that did nothing but take.
You will no longer take a thing from me.
Not my livelihood, not my happiness, not my smile, and not my pride.
You are the past and, as of today, I see no place for you in my future.
Who a person loves is beyond their control, but I can only hope that one day this love, much like the tendency of your presence and loyalty has done with me, fades just as quickly.

Watch Me Bleed

You slit my wrists and watch me bleed.
I fall face down onto a bed you placed for me.
A bed of jagged shards of glass.
Clear to the world is the knife in my back.
A knife stabbed deep into my core by you.
By your hands.
Hands that I kissed a thousand times.
Hands I kept warm through the bitter cold.
Attempts to mend the wounds are futile.
Every movement made is but another cut.
Cut by the shards of glass I rest on.
Shards methodically placed by you.
A body severely ruptured.
Clinging to life as you spectate.
As you continue to watch me bleed.
Until life is drained and a carcass remains.
My death brought on by you.

Soul Keeper

A devil in human clothing,
deceitfully cunning and ever loathing.
Always on the hunt for the next unsuspecting victim,
incapable of following any moral dictum.
They befriend and entrust in all of your covenants,
unconditional love and care that should leave lasting imprints,
in your mind and your heart as a memory and feeling,
instead it is forgotten and their soul is what you’re stealing.
A soul keeper is what you are,
who scopes out your next victim from afar,
as you bottle their spirit in a jar;
and feed on their very being without hesitation,
lighting your face with a pleasurable sensation,
as bright as the flames of hell that keep you,
with the insatiable desire for more souls to accrue.
You collect when they are down,
and smile instead of frown;
You feast on their strife,
as their soul gives you life.